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Available Data Sets

Please review the iPHD Data Use & Access Policy and Acceptable Use Guidelines for detailed guidance.


Years Currently Available 

Data File'00-'09'10'11'12'13'14'15'16'17'18'19'20'21'22
NJ Birth Data     X X X X X X X X X X X X X 
NJ Mortality Data     X X X X X X X X X X X X X 
NJ Hospital Discharge Data Collection System  X X X X X X X X X X X X X
NJ CDRSS            X X X
NJ EMS*         X X X X X X

*Date range subject to confirmation.


Variable Lists and Data Dictionaries

Scroll down to view or download the list of available variables for each data set.

Please use the lists of variables as a general reference, as the documents may be subject to minor modifications. The actual lists of variables available for each approved research plan will be determined in accordance with the minimum necessary data standard.



NJ Birth Data

A longitudinally standardized data set (electronic birth file) containing birth data since 2000. Data elements include the setting and date/time of delivery, as well as health and demographic attributes of newborn and mother. Source: Birth certificates submitted to the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. Data years available: 2000-2021.


NJ Mortality Data

Immediate, intermediate, and underlying causes of death coded in ICD-10, as well as demographic attributes of the deceased, place of death. Records of New Jersey residents, regardless of location of death, are included in the database. Source: Death certificates submitted to the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. Data years available: 2000-2021.


NJ Hospital Discharge Data Collection System

Hospital claims data from inpatient discharges and in-person visits made to hospital emergency and outpatient departments. Data elements include admission and discharge dates, encounter information, diagnoses, patient characteristics, and charges. Source: Hospital reporting into the New Jersey Department of Health Hospital Data Collection System. Data years available: 2010-2022.


NJ Communicable Disease Reporting and Surveillance System (CDRSS) Data

COVID-19 related data elements including dates of onset, lab results, and other relevant information collected from public health partners statewide, including local health departments. Source: New Jersey Department of Health CDRSS, a web-enabled state-wide portal collecting data from local health departments. Data years available: 2020-2022.


NJ Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Data

Details of EMS responses to calls throughout New Jersey. Data elements include location, dates and times, type of transport (e.g., ambulance, helicopter, etc.), relevant medical history, and procedures delivered by the dispatched medical response team. Source: Records in New Jersey Department of Health EMS Data Repository. Data years available: 2017-2022 (subject to confirmation).



How to cite iPHD data sets

First list the data set name, then iPHD, followed by the appropriate data years, and then CSHP and the related Web link. Separate elements with a period. Please see these examples for each of the iPHD data sets.