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Apply for Data Access

Stay tuned for information on the upcoming request for proposals. Researchers from academic or other private or public organizations, whether located in New Jersey or not, are eligible and welcome to apply. New Jersey state or local governmental agencies and other private or public organizations are also encouraged to apply.

Before applying, please review the iPHD Data Use & Access Policy and Acceptable Use Guidelines for detailed guidance.


Download and review the RFA, application form & templates, and fee schedule


Email your letter of intent to


Prepare your application using the downloaded form and templates


Upload the completed application documents per instructions on website


Submit applications; the iPHD website will acknowledge submission


Opportunity and Eligibility for Pilot Funding and Fee Waivers

Stay tuned for funding and fee waiving opportunities for the upcoming cycle.

To be eligible for pilot funding or fee waivers, researchers must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants for pilot funding or fee waivers must include at least one (1) principal investigator (PI) from a New Jersey research institution. Collaboration with a non-New Jersey institution will be considered ONLY if the project leadership and a substantial portion of the project activities and budget rest within the New Jersey institution.
  • The research institution complies with the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Human Subjects Protection guidelines for human subjects research (i.e., has a Federalwide Assurance Number).
  • Students with faculty supervision are eligible to apply.
  • Scholars from racial/ethnic minority groups are encouraged to apply.
  • Research aims that align with the approved purpose and research priorities of the iPHD.

Applicants from research institutions outside of New Jersey are eligible to apply for iPHD data access, though not pilot funding or fee waivers, provided the research aims align with the approved purpose and research priorities of the iPHD.

  • A budget and budget narrative are NOT required for data access without pilot funding.
  • Please refer to the applicable data access fees. Note that within 2 weeks of submission and after the Center for State Health Policy has the opportunity to review the Data Request Form in the application, the Center will calculate and confirm the cost of the applicant’s data fees.


Application Approval Process

Once all application materials are uploaded and submitted to the iPHD website, the documents will be reviewed by Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, the iPHD Research Advisory Committee, and the iPHD Governing Board. If the application is approved by the Governing Board, a Data Sharing Agreement will be executed and the iPHD will assemble the data for transfer to the approved data user.

Step 1

Researcher submits application and CSHP staff members review for completeness

Step 2

The iPHD Research Advisory Committee (RAC) reviews application

Step 3

The iPHD Governing Board reviews and votes on RAC recommendation

Step 4

Execute data sharing agreements for approved project

Step 5

CSHP prepares data and transfers to researcher