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iPHD Project Fee Schedule




Non-NJ Institutions

NJ Institutions *

Project Setup (per project)

Charged once per approved project. Covers the cost of development and execution of Data Use Agreements and other required documents, monitoring of project compliance, and project-related reporting.





Data Preparation (per data set)

Charged for each data set used in the approved project and covers preparing customized Limited Data Sets and documentation for one data year, one data linkage, and 1-2 hours of technical support (varies by dataset).


Birth data (Vital Information Platform, VIP)
Mortality data
Hospital Discharge Data Collection System (HDDCS)
COVID-19 surveillance data all years combined (CDRSS)
National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS)**

Additional Data Years (per year beyond one for each data set)

Charged for each data source except the CDRSS for which there is a single charge for all available data.





Additional Data Linkages (per linkage beyond one)

Charged for linkage of each iPHD dataset after the first.





Special Requests (per hour)

Charged for each data preparation request beyond the standard provisions described above.  For example, linkage of non-iPHD data or construction of analytic variables.  iPHD staff will provide estimates of the number of hours required for each request.





Technical Assistance (per hour beyond standard included assistance)

One or two hours of TA is provided without extra charge for each approved project (two hours for NEMSIS data).  The TA charge applies for each additional hour (or portion of an hour) of assistance.







* This year (2022), funding from NJ Department of Health is available to help support subsidies for NJ institutions.

** NEMSIS data are expected to be available starting in 2023.

The fee schedule is also available in PDF.